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Your Heart's Desire



Start living the life you dream about today

Your heart's desire is waiting for you to claim it. Horses’ powerful presence and gentle approach provides a safe relationship for learning that will accelerate your progress toward leading the life you desire.


Move forward mindfully

You will be empowered to develop a deeper connection with your true self. Interacting with horses helps you become more grounded and connected to all that is. Becoming fully present allows your heart to open and healing naturally occurs. When your body-mind consciousness expands you can make clear and powerful choices of where to go from here. 


Horses will touch your heart and change your life.

Horses live fully in the moment, attuned to everything around them without judgement. They are a perfect mirror to see ourselves as we really are. Coaching with horses reveals new levels of self-awareness that will quickly change your perspective and life in a fundamental way.