I have always been drawn to horses

As a child they were always calling me, stirring my imagination in the stories I read and the drawings I made. There was a desire to be near them, to see them, smell them, and touch them even though I wasn't around them growing up.

 There is something mysterious, powerful, gentle, curious and playful in those beautiful bodies and soft eyes; something that beckoned me to come closer, stay longer. 


Being in relationship with a horse has opened my heart and helped me heal even before I knew about equine therapy. 

I have experienced profound change take place in an instant when horses interact with us. I believe horses have a wisdom and serenity that they want to offer to us, to help us be more at ease within ourselves and to help us change our world for the better.


My passion

My passion is to support healing and empowerment in those who feel unworthy, unseen or somehow not enough. People who know there is something missing in their lives, something more they are meant for but don’t know how to find it. 

 I offer equine facilitated psychotherapy and life coaching outdoors in nature, to help you reconnect to the fullness of who you truly are and move forward powerfully and confidently toward your heart's desire.